Thursday, 31 March 2011

Berimbau Bay

This is a response to our exam project.

I used the quote 'Just because it's in print, doesn't mean it's the gospel' to produce a 'Z-Fold' book that confronted the practice of false advertisng.

I took influence from adverts created in 1980's (In my opinion the golden age for consumerism, excess and self indulgence)

And combined it with the idealism of the 'American Dream' to create a collection of imaginary products available within a fictional resort called Berimbau Bay.

The book showed two sides to advertising, the idealist, fabricated image portrayed by the advertiser.

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And the more obscene reality of the product.

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I presented this book in a suitcase along with some physical examples of the items I had created within the book. Such as 'Precision Golf Balls' and 'Aqua Caj Swimwear'.

T-Shirt to match the book sleeve

And topped off with a toilet humour airline ticket for the briefcase