Friday, 30 October 2009

Day 2

A 29 year old man has been sentenced to prison this week after admitting to raping a 12 year old girl. I know a little about media law, but criminal law is a different world. I'm sure the process of prosecuting a sex offender is complicated, and that there are many things to consider. One thing that does strike me as a little odd though is the length of this particular sexual predator's sentence-3 years. So if he joins the Sex Offenders Treatment Program (SOTD) chances are he'll be out in 24 months. After spending a weekend talking to Gerry Conlan of the falsely accused Guildford four this story leaves a bit of a sour taste in mouth and a slowly emptying space where my faith in our legal system should be.

Happy Halloween

Day 1

'As Bob Dylan once said (or sang, rather-but I'm sure he said it as well): the times they are a-changin'.

It is a truly sad day in the British lock trade industry, and I feel that as such it is a sign of the times we live in. Some of you may have already heard, but in case you haven't, here we are: it will soon be impossible to buy a Chubb padlock on British high streets. That's right, as published in a newspaper yesterday, the iconic anti-burglar locks that were originally made in Winchester and later in Wolverhampton will now be used exclusively in Prisons.

It is not yet clear whether or not there will be a rise in crime resulting from people who simply can't live without the household name Chubb.'

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

You Choose Day 1

Today I started the 3rd project of the year which is called 'you choose'. It was a fairly open brief with 3 themes to follow. I decided to follow 'Daily News Paper/Page 4/Column 3'. With this in mind i contacted my friend Rich Taylor who studies Journalism at Winchester. To put it simply i asked him if for the next 2 weeks for to pick an article of his choice every couple of days from any newspaper he chooses and give me the challenge of illustrating theses articles. The outcome will be 10 A2 Illustrations. I'll be updating daily from now till November 6th.

This is a quick picture of the illustration I was doing today.
More details tomorrow.

Open Day

Our First Brief of the year was to design a poster for the Univeristy of Brighton Faculty of the arts open day. Here's some of the work i did and some of the other posters people from my class. Such good work!

Summer Project Working Images

Here are a selection of some of the photos i took during the making of my summer diary, final images will be put up once i get it back from university.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Animations & Films

Here are 2 other old films i made, the music video was my final major project for foundation, I am still proud of the work i did for this. I built the machine from scratch in my dad's garage, organised, filmed and edited the whole project by myself. good one me.

The other is an animation made during the first few weeks of my first year at Brighton.

A couple of guys who were up to no good...

This was a joint effort from Myself, Matt Lyver and Pat Bradbury. Our attempt to re-create the intro to the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' using Plasticine and handmade props. Unfortunately the process was very long and the assessment for the first year loomed which resulted in a hiatus to be put on the project but we have vowed to go back to it when we next get the chance.

One Man One Rocket

One of my most successful projects so far. This is an animation that i did with my friend Matt Lyver for a project last year. The idea was built around the song 'No Kind Words' by The Maccabees. I thought the song went quite well with the idea of constructing a rocket of some sort before the penultimate blast off which coincides with the dramatic change in the pace of the music. A lot of preparation went into this including almost killing the little girl next door with a stray firework. (not funny). The Animation was successful enough to be feature in an outdoor animation screening night in Brighton's Jubilee Square called Bamboozled. We were also granted permission by The Maccabees to use the song in our video after the band enjoyed watching the animation.

Wake Up Call

One of the last projects we did last year. This particular project looked at the problems that our world is dealing with. I decided to look at what some people are doing for climate change, I felt that too much emphasis is on all the bad things people are doing and that some recognition should be given to people who are trying to change. In the case of this piece of work I highlighted the efforts of the empire state building in new york is undergoing a $20 million project to reduce its carbon emissions 105,000 tonnes over the next 15 years. This is drawn completely free hand onto A1 paper using pencil the cut out and suspended onto another piece of paper to give a 3D effect. and as a sign of his gratitude to the big bosses at the empire state building King Kong went back up to give the building a big hug for saving the environment. awww.

More Old Work

A Collection of Project Work from 1st Year

'When worlds collide' - '90's british culture' meets 'sports day'

'Look what i've found' - Hand drawn Haynes Manual Citonme Chair

Inspiration - A2 Pencil Drawing

JFK Project

These images are still photos from an animation I attempted last year. I was completely absorbed in reading the conspiracies surrounding the President Kennedy assassination, and after watching the film 'JFK' (well worth watching). I wanted reenact one of the strangest conspiracies. I read an article about people who actually believe that aliens landed on earth to brainwash Lee Harvey Oswald into assassinating Kennedy because apparently he was close to revealing the 'truth' about Roswell. I found this bizarre account really amusing so i decided to try and animate the tale. I made all the sets at home but i think working on my own gave me too many problems while animating so a finished film never came to be.

Old Work

I thought i'd start off by posting some of my old work.

These are images from a sketchbook I was working in from about October -December last year.

It was used as an experimentation into ways of working.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Hello I'm Dan Woodger I've been wanting to do this for a little while now so i finally got round to setting this up. I'm currently in my second year at university of Brighton studying illustration, I just want a place to put up my work and things that interest me and hopefully will interest you, and if I'm lucky interest somebody to give me money for things i make. So in the next few weeks ill be posting up work and photos. if you care. Byee