Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sea Life Centre Mural Presentation

On Thursday afternoon a group of us got together and delivered a presentation in front of a team of documentary film makers to the directors of the Sealife Centre, the producer at Juice FM, and the director of the Brighton 'Walk of Fame'.

The Presentation was a pitch to paint a mural in the tunnel that runs from the Brighton Sealife Centre to the Sea Front. To celebrate the history of the Brighton Music Scene and honor artists who tie links with the city of Brighton.

The Presentation went down well and the clients seemed to be very excited by our initial ideas. The projects starts at the beginning of the summer term (April 19th) and we have a month to work on the mural. The project will coincide with the Brighton Fringe Festival where there will be a grand opening on May 20th. As well as Documentary film being made on the project by students from Hasting College and a Publicity campaign is being run by Juice FM

Exciting times lay ahead...

This is the team of designers who I'll have the privilege of working with

Paul Layzell
Charlie Sheppard
Pat Bradbury
Matt Lyver
Thomas Collins
Megan Pearce
Jerome Miller

Photos kindly taken by Callum Walker

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  1. Wow... that is pretty exciting! Can't wait to see it!