Monday, 22 November 2010

When I Grow Up... (Children In Need)

Thursday 18th November was the opening of our exhibition for Children In Need called 'When I Grow Up...'

Poster by Charlie Sheppard

The exhibition has several different elements. First of all we set a brief to all 3 years of Graphic Design & Illustration asking them to produce one A3 image about what they wanted to be when they grew up (as a child).

'Batman (Adam West Version)' by Jonathan Taylor

'Jungle Exploring Skateboarder' by Pat Bradbury

'Ice Skater' by Rufus Day

Then we were kindly given permission to do a workshop with the Year 6 pupils at St. Luke's Primary School where we gave them the same brief about what they want to be when they grow up.

'Pro Skateboarder' - Heather Winch (Age 10)

'Turn A Campervan Into A Time Machine' - Jack Pool (Age 11)

When the two sets of work were completed we put them into the exhibition space along side each other. The university students works are on the top and bottom tiers and the children's work runs through the middle.

We collated the works into a catalogue, beautifully risograph printed by Elliott Denny at Victory Press. Which we sold at the private view on Thursday for the very reasonable price of £4.

Along side this we also successfully completed a sponsored 24 hour drawing marathon. The final piece was loosely based on the phrase 'The World Is Your Oyster' and was open to all contributions by students at the Grande Parade Campus at the University of Brighton.

Final Outcome (More Photo's To Follow)

We created a time lapse film of the process - (note the number at the top of the screen which indicates the hour by hour countdown)

Here are some photos from the private view on Thursday evening -

The opening night was was a huge success and we raised over £500 with all proceeds going to Children in Need.

Huge thanks go to Charlie Sheppard, Matt Lyver and Will Hewitt who co-ordinated the event with me.

All 3 years of GDI who helped support the project with submissions for the exhibition and for helping lend a hand with the 24 hour drawing.

To Simon Goble to whom I owe about 20 pints.

Elliott Denny at Victory Press for the stunning catalogue.

Anne McConnell's Year 6 class at St. Lukes Primary School.

Pat Bradbury, Joe Prince, Rosanna Webster & Anieszka Banks for helping with the workshop

Matt Wingfield for donating the vinyl for the windows

And my dear pops Neil Woodger for funding the boards for the 24 hour drawing.

It was an amazing achievement to have pulled this off in just over 3 weeks and there is no way we could have done it with out you!

The exhibition runs until 10th December so if you haven't seen it yet get down to the Grande Parade building at the University of Brighton and check it out!

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