Monday, 2 November 2009

Day 3

The communication workers union (CWU) has announced more strike dates. Previous strikes have involved various types of employees striking at different times. The upcoming strikes due to take place on Friday 6th and Monday 9th of November will, however, be blanket coverage. This means that whereas before some employees could continue working, now the royal mail's postage system will go from slow to stop.The way I see the whole strike situation is as follows:I know strikes are meant to put the managers and high-end employees at an inconvenience, but I really feel that this is where the level of inconvenience should end. Any excess inconvenience spilling out onto the public is detrimental to the company, and therefore to the employees who are on strike. To put it in a less obscure way, if these strikes piss people off enough to start using, let's say, amazon's new postal service, then the royal mail will downsize and the strikers will have well and truly done themselves over. I know it's a taboo thing to say, but Christmas is approaching, and headlines along the lines of "cards posted tomorrow won't arrive by Christmas!" isn't doing the already tarnished reputation of royal mail any favours.

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