Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 5

Some may feel that it may be unnecessary or downright boring to blog about strikes more than once a week. But I see myself as a curator to the torch of truth and as such I like my blog to reflect what I feel is wrong today. One of these things is BA staff striking over Christmas. The 'fuck everyone else' attitude is in my opinion a bit of a slap in the face. Forget the little old lady who can't fly somewhere to see some family member (and who for some reason is legally obliged to fly solely with BA). Yet again, this strike will hurt customers as much as it will hurt management. If anything, it gives the management a media leg to stand on-they can try to demonise the strikers and their inconsiderate behaviour.I wholeheartedly back striking action, but think that maybe there could be a better time to do it.I think that BA are going to ruin some peoples Christmases, and I'm not just trying to be controversial, honest.

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