Friday, 6 November 2009

Day 7

You know how buses always come in twos? and how....other things often come in twos as well (but what those other things are I can't recall..maybe magpies or something?) Anyway, it seems that my blog seems to be taking on this trend in it's subject matter. The other day I wrote about death twice (the metaphorical death of Myspace and the Facebook 'memorialized' thing). Next up was a bit of rambling about strikes-BA's and the Royal Mail's. And today this blog seems to want geriatric content.I mentioned earlier about the 83 year old referee and how I thought his dedication was outstanding. That story is now in my eyes boring, and the ref's achievement minuscule. This is down to the truly outstanding achievement of Syd, 5 years away from his hundredth year, still working in B&Q. (the achievement is that he is working at nearly a hundred, not that he is working at B&Q.) There seems to be a link between stories about old people being employed in some sort of position and my mood improving- normally I find the headlines in this particular paper annoying, but I think "I'll work until I DIY" is just great.The only problem with these light hearted stories is that in terms of blog posts they don't lend themselves to great fact I'd even go so far as to say I find it hard to write more than a paragraph about them. So the fact that I'm doing it anyway is an indicator to how much I like them.

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