Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 4

Fry twitter row pointless and boring
Stephen Fry has been all over the news this week because of his actions on the micro-blogging site Twitter.Apparently someone called Fry 'a bit....boring' and due to this comment he decided to leave the social networking site. Now, I won't even begin to hint at how I think this is a little bit of an over-reaction, because Stephen Fry is of course a Manic Depressive. Instead I will concentrate on the level of coverage this 'story' gained in the media.Don't get me wrong, this is something which could be considered moderately interesting if someone mentioned it in passing, but I'm fairly sure there is no larger debate around the situation, and the conversation would last all of 15 seconds.The BBC gave the story which centered around Fry and the offending party's reconciliation just shy of 500 words. This is a higher designated word count than the clearing of the Lisbon Treaty in Czech courts today, which seems a little strange.This is of course all becoming more and more hypocritical as my wordcount ascends whilst I talk about how I feel the BBC has covered a story not worth as much coverage as it's been given, instead of the Czech courts announcing the Lisbon Treaty is in line with their constitution, for example.

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